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Position Means Value!

Just so no one is wondering about the entries I am posting, I've become the new maintainer of this community and I'm just updating the links so the old maintainers don't get constant notices in their inbox when people comment.

This is the archive post, but currently I cannot make banners so if anyone wants to help out with that, by all means please inform me.

If you've completed your 100 or 50 icons challenge for your claimed subject, please comment here on this post.

If you've finished your claim you'll receive a lovely banner once I get someone to help out with that. Make sure to give the complete name of your claim, example: Jean Grey in X2: X-Men United. And guess what?! You'll also be listed here to let everybody know just how devoted to X-Men you are! Also all finished claims will be available in the community memories at all times.

The completed claims are...

50 Icons:
50 - Pyro/John Allerdyce (General Movies) by: greyphoenixx Completed: 07/21/06
50 - Angel/Warren Worthington III (X-Men: The Last Stand) by: deanandsam Completed: 8/14/06
50 - Wolverine/Logan - Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey (General Movies) by imaginaryalice Completed: 09/21/06
50- Rogue (everything) - by burninghwisper Completed: 06/18/08

100 Icons:
100 - Magneto/Eric Lensherr - Rogue/Marie D'Ancanto (Age of Apocalypse) by: willowaus Completed: 07/25/06
100 - Rogue/Marie D'Ancanto (X-Men Evolution) by: kidagakash84 Completed: 07/26/06
100 - Psylocke/Elisabeth Braddock (General Comic Series) by: greyphoenixx Completed: 08/03/06
100 - Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde (X-Men Evolution) by: sharkbait_ha Completed: 08/17/06
100 - Rogue/Marie D'Ancanto (X-Men: The Movie) by: midnightwhisper Completed: 08/24/06
100 - Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde (X-Men: Last Stand) by: roguedemonhunte Completed: 08/31/06
100 - Multiple Man/Jamie Madrox (Madrox Comics) by jaeliyah Completed: 09/01/06
100 - Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey (General Movies) by greyphoenixx Completed: 09/15/06
100 - Pyro/John Allerdyce (General Movies) by pinayflavaa Completed: 10/12/06
100- Classic X-force (comics) by betterthanlegos Completed: 06/13/08
100- Jubilee/Chamber/Skin (comics) by dressedindeath Completed: 06/21/08
100- New Mutants (comics) by betterthanlegos Completed: 06/30/08
100- Karma/Moonstar (comics) by dressedindeath Completed: 07/08/08
100- X-men Evolution by umi_pryde Completed: 10/14/08
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